Gianluca Zanolli, the conductor, was born in Trento on the 26th August 1982.

After having been graduated at the musical college in Trento, he got the diploma in violin (2004) and in viola (2007) at the Conservatory “F.A.Bonporti” in Trento; he attended however the specialization in chamber music and the Composition course up to the seventh year. In 2013 he attended also a sound-engineer course in Milan.

He played as first or second violin/viola with several Orchestras, the most famous one is the “Haydn Orchestra”.

Since he got the diploma, he plays with various chamber ensembles ranging from duo to chamber orchestras. During his studies at the Conservatory he composed some chamber pieces, presented at the Festival of Contemporary Music “Mondi Sonori” in Trento.

During his career as violinist, violist, chorister and choirs’ conductor he had the opportunity to perform, with many orchestras and choir associations of the Trentino Alto Adige, in different Italian regions and abroad in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic and Croatia.

Since April 2005 he is conducting the choir “Cima Verde” in Vigo Cavedine.

Since September 2007 he is teaching music at the Primary and Secondary School “Arcivescovile – Dame Inglesi” in Rovereto.

In 2011 he founded the “Minicoro Camp Fiorì”, a children’s choir, which in 2013 officially joined the choir association “Cima Verde”. In 2012, together with a group of musicians and music lovers of the Cavedine valley, Maestro Zanolli founded the music association “Lakes’ Valley”, in order to promote classical music all over the villages of the entire valley.

In May 2013 he took over the direction of the choir “Le Voci di Malcesine”.

Since 2022 he has been assisted in the directionof the choir by the co-conductor Lara Bassi.