Choir Association Cima Valdritta

The choir association Cima Valdritta comes from the male-voice-choir “Cima Valdritta” and controls two choirs: the mixed-voice-choir “Le Voci di Malcesine” and the children-choir “Piccole Voci”.

The choral association Cima Valdritta cooperates with the cultural town counsellorship in organizing choral events or concerts with choirs coming from all over Italy and from other European countries.

Choir “Le Voci di Malcesine”

The Choir “Le Voci di Malcesine” was founded in 1974 as a male-voice-choir.

Only 1986 came the big transformation of also accepting ladies in the choir. This has led to a change in the repertoire consisting mainly of folk music. It has also led to a greater demand for the choir, which now takes part to an even greater extent in the cultural and folkloristic events all around Northern Italy.

The choir recorded successfully three tapes (the last one in 2015), won a prize in two choir-competitions (in Adria and Vittorio Veneto) and took part to several TV programs for the Italian Mediaset, the German ZDF and also for Radiouno Rai.

In 1991 the choir introduced a singing-school for children in age between 6 and 14: the pupils constitute the choir “Piccole Voci”.

From May 2013 the choir is conducted by Gianluca Zanolli.